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VNC Concentrated Wood Cleaner

VNC Concentrated Wood Cleaner

By: Vermont Natural Coatings


Vermont Natural Coatings Wood Cleaner

Product Description

Vermont Natural Coatings Wood Cleaner removes dust, dirt, grease, grime, food and stains with an innovative non-toxic formulation that keeps your home clean and safe. This biodegradable, vegetable-based cleaner is part of our ongoing agricultural focus—to find better methods for common tasks using the resources we see around us.
Where to Use It: Use for daily or deep cleaning on all your interior or exterior wood surfaces. Wood Cleaner will also clean other surfaces such as tile, laminate and stone. Test an inconspicuous area for discoloration or sensitivity.  For stubborn areas or stains, allow Wood Cleaner to stand for up to two minutes.
• Heavy duty cleaner • Non-toxic • Safe for all wood surfaces • Unscented • Vegetable-based
We recommend Vermont Natural Coatings Wood Cleaner as part of your maintenance routine for all your wood surfaces.  Use it for daily and deep cleaning.