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Lockup Lead Neutralizer, Clear, 1 Gal

Lockup Lead Neutralizer, Clear, 1 Gal

By: Restoration Products


Lockup Lead Neutralizer

Product Description

LockUpLead Neutralizer:

LockUpLead is a revolutionary technology that reduces hazards in homes and schools from the #1 environmental health risk to children — dust from lead-based paint. LockUpLead uses patented technology to convert leachable and soluble lead-based dust to a less hazardous mineral crystal that cannot be easily absorbed by the body, as verified by EPA testing. For cleaning, just spray onto the contaminated surface and wipe off with a disposable damp cloth or sponge. For dust control, spray for wet-sanding and wet-scraping as recommended by EPA. For dust containment and immobilization, spray and allow to dry. Great for misting plastic drops to prevent airborne dust and immobilize paint waste for easier and better containment and safe disposal. Even after drying, LockUpLead works to keep fine particle dust, the top lead poisoning hazard, from escaping work areas and spilling from contractor bags in the common event of an accidental puncture. And the waste is treated to lower the bioavailability for the safety of workers and occupants and also lower the hazardous waste characteristics for a more environmentally-friendly disposal.

LockUpLead is formulated using patent-pending technology and is available in a 16 oz. spray bottle, a 2-bottle pack, 1-gallon, 5-gallon, and 50-gallon containers.

Where to UseUse in any pre-1978 facility that may contain lead-based paint. Use to contain, control and clean hazardous lead dust. Use for wet-scraping and wet-sanding deteriorating lead-based paint. Spray on areas of flaking and peeling paint as an immediate measure to treat and immobilize toxic lead dust until repairs can be made. Use for regular cleaning of window sills, base boards, floors or any surface that collects dust and where frictional movement may generate a lead dust hazard. LockUpLead can be used in homes, schools and child care facilities.

Ready to Use

Shake container thoroughly before using. Do not thin or incorporate any other materials into this product. Use as is. Spray on window sills, baseboards, floors or any surface where lead dust contamination may be present. For cleaning, wipe up while wet and follow with wet disposable cloth to remove any film before drying. For dust control, LockUpLead will not dry like water, allowing dust to again become

Product Safety

Lock up Lead is not hazardous if used as directed. LockUpLead Spray is VOC free and nontoxic.


Appearance milky liquid Density, lb/gal 9.08
Carrier water pH 8.5-9.0
Active solids 16.5% VOC content zero
Viscosity(b) 60-65 KU Flash point will not burn
Coverage: As a cleaner, approx. 4000 sqft/gal; for misting drops to treat and immobilize, approx. 500 – 1000 sqft/gal

a Values are typical properties and are not to be regarded as product specifications.
b Krebs units at 25°C (77°F)
* “nonhazardous” waste per EPA TCLP testing. Comply with all applicable laws for work and waste disposal, use qualified professionals as required by law.

Never assume waste is nonhazardous unless tested by qualified professional. Always use safe lead practices as recommended at www.epa.gov/lead