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Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. Tumbling Composter

Good Ideas Compost Wizard Jr. Tumbling Composter

By: Good Ideas


Compost Wizard Jr.

Product Description

Composting is a great way to recycle all those nasty leftovers, kitchen scraps, and organic junk that you find around the yard into rich top soil that also doubles as mulch. That's a double whammy of earth-friendly,trash-reducing action. Your typical tool of choice would be a composter where you can put all this food, leaves, and grass into. But where is the best composter to do the job?

Look no further! This is the greatest composter you're going to find. The Compost Wizard Jr. is a 7 cubic foot tumbling composter. At that size, it can sit discretely out of the way, yet it's big enough to handle your typical load of organic junk. It comes in two pieces...FULLY ASSEMBLED! There's no waiting to compost, you start the second the composter arrives. Thinking of using one of those crank composters? Why bother when the handles on the Compost Wizard Jr. provide excellent grip for turning and won't break apart. If you take a look inside the bin, you'll find that those nifty hand holds also double as agitators for the compost. "How well does the compost bin turn?" you may ask. It turns easily because of the ingenious wheeled base the compost bin sits on. It's simple and it works. And if you want to roll the bin around the yard, it can be taken right off the base. Now you can roll compost from your prime composting spot all the way to your garden.

Another great advantage to this composting unit is the 12" twist off lid. This lid keeps your compost safely closed off. If you were worried about rodents getting in, don't worry about it. The lid keeps out all but the smallest bugs (Bugs are awesome for compost. We like bugs.). Just be sure not to throw any meat or high protein foods in there or you'll get flies (also good for compost, but kinda gross and obnoxious). But how are those bugs getting in? Each end of the compost bin has plenty of aeration holes which provide much needed airflow for the compost batch. You can even drill more if you live in areas that don't get as much moving air or get really hot.

So what is this miraculous product made out of? The compost bin is made with 100% recycled polyethylene. This isn't your typical plastic either; Our PE is BP-a free and FDA approved for contact with edibles. That means there are no chemicals, toxic or otherwise, leeching into your compost. Only cancer-free vegetables for your garden.

You can have it in any color as long as it's black. Black is the most efficient at absorbing the sun's heat, keeping your compost at a nice hot temperature of 100-150 degrees F (38-66 C). That's hot, so watch those hands.

Here's the best part: The only thing you have to do is rotate the drum once a week. That's it.

• 7 cubic foot capacity
• Fully Assembled - Low maintenance
• Wheeled Base
• Large 12" twist lid
• Safe for pets and children
• Black color for heat absorption
• Made in the USA with FDA approved materials
• 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty