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Jora Compost Tumbler - 33 Gallon
Jora Compost Tumbler - 33 GallonJora Compost Tumbler - 33 GallonJora Compost Tumbler - 33 GallonJora Compost Tumbler - 33 GallonJora Compost Tumbler - 33 Gallon

Jora Compost Tumbler - 33 Gallon

By: Jora


Jora Compost Tumbler 125

Product Description

Continually ranked as one of the best composters on the market, thousands have bought the Jora Compost Tumbler all around the world. The Jora Compost Tumbler is a rotating, heat generating, insulated composter for convenient and simple use all year round. With this compost tumbler you can compost cooked and uncooked food waste quickly and hygienically. You can even compost meat with bones, citrus fruit with rinds and all other waste like vegetables, poultry, fish, paper, tea and coffee with filters and of course all of your garden and yard waste! All in just 4 - 6 weeks!

Jora Composters are made with high-quality galvanized steel and recyclable materials designed and produced to withstand all weather types...

The combination of a fast composter, durable construction and smart dual chamber design allows you to have an easy, successful composting experience that will change the way your household works while greatly reducing landfill waste.

Features & Benefits:

Insulated properties allow the temperature inside the tumbler to rise higher than 160º

Dual chambers and dual doors

Capacity of up to 33 gallons, ideal for households of 1-4 people

Attractive design

High variety of compostable material

Reduces and eliminates odors

Made out of galvanized steel for longer sustainability

Air is allowed into the mixture, providing the oxygen vital for the process

Constructed for ease and simplicity of rotation