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You Dirty Dog Soap
You Dirty Dog SoapYou Dirty Dog Soap

You Dirty Dog Soap

By: Owen and Fred


You Dirty Dog Soap

Product Description

Introducing You Dirty Dog soap, by Owen & Fred. It's been tested on only one animal: Man. Scented like an old cigarbox, with a hint of Peru Balsam and black pepper, this is how we imagine Teddy Roosevelt would smell after wrestling a bear to the ground.

Virginian Cedarwood calms the nerves and relieves tension in the body. An earth scent with a soft, woody undertone. Picture the comfiest armchair in the manliest hunting lodge.

Peru Balsam, prevalent in wound care products, this essential oil helps revitalize skin while releasing a scent reminiscent of vanilla and cinamon. Yeah. Smells great.

Activated Charcoal. Time for detox. Charcoal draws dirt, oil and toxins from under the skin. So fresh. So clean.

What's Inside. Well, it's 100% vegan. Distilled water, saponified oils (sunflower, palm kernel, Rice bran, Coconut, Shea Butter), Essential Oil Blend (Peru Balsam, Black Pepper, Cedarwood), Activated Charcoal, and Rottweiler Musk.

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Made in the USA.