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Olive Oil Soap Bar

Olive Oil Soap Bar

By: Earthy Browns


Earthy Browns Olive Oil Soap

Product Description

Earthy Browns is a family owned business that takes pride in making some of the finest all-natural products available. From growing their own food to operating an apiary from which all their beeswax is taken, the Brown family certainly know their craft and embody the very best of Kentucky.

These are true Castile & Marseille soaps made with organic extra virgin olive oil and only the finest 100% natural ingredients. Earthy Browns' soaps are handmade in small batches, cured in wooden molds and are pure and gentle for everyday use on all skin types.

All Earthy Browns products have earned "Kentucky Proud" and "Kentucky Crafted" certification.

Earthy Brown Products ARE…

• 100% Natural & Biodegradable
• Made with the highest quality, sustainable, botanical ingredients used in their natural state
• Boxed with 100% recycled fibers
• Handcrafted by the Brown family using their own tried and true recipes

Earthy Brown Products ARE NOT…

• Made with synthetic or chemically derived fillers, emulsifiers, stabilizers, preservatives, detergents or fragrances
• Made with corn, soy, canola, anthem gum, stearic acid or petroleum products due to allergens, GMOS and agricultural practices