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Summer Shade Bourbon Barrel Beer Soap

Summer Shade Bourbon Barrel Beer Soap

By: Summer Shade



Product Description

Beer has been used topically for centuries. Ancient Romans and Egyptian women used beer regularly to keep skin smooth and diminish discoloration. Brewer's yeast is scientifically proven to help improve the symptoms of acne by slowing down sebum production and killing off the bacteria that triggers acne. This component of beer has strong leavening power and helps maintain a balanced PH level in the skin. Beer is also made with hops which sooths irritated skin, contains polyphenols thought to account for its preservative effects and skin softening amino acids. This soap is cooked so NO alcohol remains in the final product. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, Summer Shade uses locally brewed Bluegrass Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Stout for its beautiful dark color and deep rich aroma, which is aged in Four Roses bourbon barrels.