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Lockup Lead, Interior/Exterior Bonding Primer, 1 gal

Lockup Lead, Interior/Exterior Bonding Primer, 1 gal

By: Restoration Products


Lock Up LEAD Bonding Primer

Product Description

LockUpLead Bonding Primer is specifically designed for homes built before 1978. LockUpLead Bonding Primer’s chemistry was designed by the EPA to detoxify toxic lead. And, this 100% acrylic bonding primer goes on smooth, with beautiful coverage. Primer Product Sheet

LockUpLead Bonding Primer provides exceptional adhesion properties to a variety of surfaces. It is an interior/exterior primer for use on surfaces that were previously painted with lead-based paint. These include drywall, wood, masonry, galvanized metal and aluminum. LockUpLead Bonding Primer provides a superior base coat for both latex and oil-based finishes with excellent sealing, coverage, hide and adhesion.

The porous nature of wood allows lead from lead-based paint to be absorbed into the surface. Even when a stripper is used to remove lead-based paint, the lead leaches down into the bare wood. By using LockUpLead Bonding Primer as a barrier coat, any lead that has leached into the wood surface will be detoxified upon contact with LockUpLead Bonding Primer.

For added protection, LockUpLead Neutralizer can be used to wet sand and scrape prior to applying LockUpLead Bonding Primer. This 2-step process will greatly reduce lead exposure from underlying leaded coats of paint.