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SoyCrete Premeasured Colorant Packs for Tint Base

SoyCrete Premeasured Colorant Packs for Tint Base

By: EcoProcote

S1-1001 MASTER

$6.99 - $7.50

Product Description

SoyCrete Concrete Stain Certifications Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) LEED Qualifications Certifications Green Building LEED Compliant WARRANTY Residential Finish Wear Residential Structural Commercial Finish Wear Commercial Structural Project Warranty Yes Manufacturer's Warranty Yes BASICS Interior Exterior Interior/exterior Use On Material Concrete, Natural Stone, Tilt-Up Walls, Plaster Walls, Adobe, Rammed Earth, Stucco, Concrete Art Location Pool Decks, Patio's, Garage Floors, Concrete Floors, Masonry Walls, Landscapes, Hardscapes, Drywall Eco-replacement For Polymer based stains; Chemically-Sensitive Safe biodegradeable, non-corrosive, non-hazardous Test before use test for color and porosity DIMENSIONS Coverage 400-600 sq ft/gallon FEATURES Shelf Life 12 months Finish Type Ingredients VOC Content <25g/l Use On Material- Condition Surfaces must be pourous for proper penetration Application Method pump sprayer, HVLP sprayer, airless paint sprayer, wet/dry microfiber mop/nylfoam pad,18"heavyweight Tbar/Floor squeegee, soft bristle brush pad Application Temperature Range 72 deg @ 50% humidity Application Instructions See Installation Guide Surface or Product Preperation Test for porosity by misting H20 on project area, make sure water soaks in Recommended # Of Coats 2 coats + sealer Re-Coat after After one hour, make sure there is no stain residue that comes up first Drying Time Dry to touch within 1 hour; 5-7 days for full cure; 4-6 hour drying time prior to applying Acri-Soy Appearance When Dry Standard Cleaning Soap and Water or neutral floor cleaner Storage Store in a cool, dry and well ventilated area; Avoid freezing Recycling or Disposal Over 40% recycled content OK for chemically sensitive? yes COUNTRY OF ORIGIN MADE IN Phoenix, AZ SIZES Available in 1,5 and 55 gallons MAINTENANCE Neutral pH floor cleaners, use a wet/dry microfiber mop; can use automatic scrubbers NOTES If SoyCrete™ remains tacky after 6 or more hours; it is a result of leaving a topical residue. This is caused by failure to remove the residue during application, or it was simply applied to a non-porous substrate. The installer can easily adjust, add, or change color effects without waiting 4-6 hours to see the final color. Non- reactive, thus providing full control with better penetration, color, and artistic design flexibility Available in 16 pre-tinted colors